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Golf is reputed to be an expensive sport but the surprising element is that it requires the least equipment to play. The game largely depends on the golf club which modifies the power as well as the direction of the swing. Since the most important golf equipment is the golf club so it would be discussed in the first place.

There are a variety of golf clubs and you need to get used to with one of it. It is not that equipment which can be shared easily as you need one to get used to. There are basically four main types of golf clubs which are wood, iron, putters or wedges. Each of this type would be explained with detail.

• Wooden Golf Clubs – These are the longest clubs which have shafts around 40-47 inches. These clubs have large heads and are spherical in shape. Wooden golf clubs are known as drivers and are used in situations like hitting a ball off the tree or in similar situations where there are definitive drives.

• Iron Golf Clubs – These are said to be the most versatile amongst the various types. Many golf players prefer to have this type. These are shorter than the wooden clubs of about 36-40 inches.

• Wedges Golf Clubs – These are actually iron clubs just with a slight difference of having an angle. This is usually referred as the special category of the gold clubs. One example is of the sand wedge which has a special bounce feature.

• Putters Golf Clubs – These clubs are to be used only on green as they have shorter shafts. They require a lot of precision and are ideal for doing the finishes on the green.

These are the four main types of the golf clubs. The professional golfers who keep all the golf equipment with them have 14 different types of golf clubs which are 8 iron clubs, 3 wood, 2 wedges and lastly a putter.

The second and the last most important golf equipment is the golf ball. It is 42.67mm in diameter and mostly made up of synthetic construction. The ball contains the dimples which are highly important for the various functions like spin, feel and trajectory. The softer balls spin more while the hard materials allow covering more distance.

Above described is the two main golf equipment. There is some secondary golf equipment too like golf trees, golf cleats, golf bags and golf carts but they are not as important.

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